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When it comes to garage door repair in Garland, we are the one company with more than 10 years experience. With a team of technicians who are experts with repairing garage doors, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry

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Residential & Commercial Garage Doors - No Trip Charge

Residential & Commercial

Serving residential and commercial customers, we sell and install garage doors as well as service and repair them. We will save you money while providing superior service and unsurpassable customer service. With technicians available around the clock, we can handle emergency situations any time of the day or night. We only charge for the parts and service you need. When you count on us to handle the job, you get a free estimate and no unpleasant surprises at the job's completion. We strive to stand out from the other garage door companies.

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Springs Repair

Our technicians

Our technicians know the city very well. We provide same day repair service and offer 24/7 emergency service.

Our company has become known as a reliable company that customers can trust. When we schedule an appointment to take care of your garage door, you can rest assured knowing that we are always on time.

We don't believe in tacking on charges either. There is no risk to you, the customer, because there is never a service call fee. We also provide free estimates.

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Fast Service - No Trip Charge Fee

We Work Extra Hard

Within a city like Garland, the competition is strong. We have worked extra hard to prove ourselves as industry leaders. We are the experienced, courteous team of garage door professionals that people have come to trust with all of their garage door needs. None of the competitors can even come close to matching our level of expertise and service.

Available around the clock for those unexpected problems, our technicians go above and beyond to ensure your garage door is working at its best and you are completely satisfied with the job.

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90 off new door

What we can offer you

customer service

Multiple Services

We provide multiple services and can handle a variety of repairs. You can count on us for the more challenging jobs, such as garage door spring replacement and garage door lockouts as well as the more common problems, such as door off track repairs and cables repair. We can also repair and replace openers and replace bent sections. Our technicians are experts at programming remotes for Genie, Marantec, Liftmaster and Linear openers and can repair all of those garage door openers as well. Whether your garage door and garage door opener are older models or newer styles, you can count on us to take care of them for you.
24/7 repair service in Garland, Texas

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Our team can repair and replace torsion springs and extension springs, complete Torquemaster spring system repairs, sell and install one-piece garage door springs and take care of weather stripping for garage doors. We specialize in the installation and repair of Amarr, Wayne Dalton, Windsor, Raynor and Clopay garage doors. When it comes to garage door openers, we take care of opener capacitors, control boards and logic boards for Liftmaster and Genie and battery backup for all kinds of garage door openers.
Safety Comes First

Safety Comes First

Our garage door technicians know their way around all issues related to springs, openers or any other part of your garage door system. They deal with every part with caution and make sure they are safe before handling any faulty part!
Our Rates & Prices

Our Rates & Prices

We accept all credit cards. We believe you will find our garage door repair rates very accommodating and fair. We also offer many discounts on parts and labor!
Clean Garage After Every Job

Clean Work

We care about your home, and after every repair we make we clean all there's to clean, and leave you with a fresh working garage door, and a smile of course :)

Garage Doors Springs Systems

Where can I get garage door springs replaced in Garland? Right here from us of course!

Garage Door Springs Repair in Garland

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We can safely replace your garage door springs. We take care of extension springs, torsion springs and one-piece springs for commercial and residential clients. When a garage door spring breaks, you should never attempt to open or close the garage door. Instead, a technician should be called right away. We offer around the clock emergency service for such situations and we never charge a service call fee. We also provide free estimates for all services. Residential garage doors usually have one or two springs. Those with two springs are actually safer because the single spring doors can fall in the event that the spring breaks. With two springs, the other spring can hold the door until the broken spring can be replaced. Commercial garage doors are usually larger and heavier so they require more springs, often that is four or more. Garage doors use either torsion springs or extension springs. Although the springs are different, they serve the same purpose. We will take the time to explain the situation in detail, showing you the springs and any damage. We want our customers to be educated and informed on all garage door matters.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs operate by torsion as the name implies. They are placed at the top of the garage door. Extension springs are located near the top of the garage door but on the sides. Both kinds of springs have a lot of torque, so they are dangerous if handled improperly. Only a mechanically inclined Do-It-Yourselfer or an experienced technician should attempt the repair, replacement and installation of either kind of spring. Improper handling can result in serious injury, such as broken bones or severe lacerations, or even cause loss of life. Reports indicate that a significant number of garage doors actually have the wrong size of springs. Our technicians work to ensure that your door has the right sized springs. If a door has the wrong sized springs, it may not operate properly and the springs may be more likely to break prematurely. We carefully count the coils on the spring to measure or calculate the gauge of wire so we can determine the appropriate spring size. We keep an inventory of springs of all sizes so we can provide fast, efficient service.

Complete spring installation

We also have cones, winding bars, bearings and brackets to complete spring installation and replacement process. As an added convenience, we offer one-piece springs. One-piece garage door springs have the cones already attached, which saves time and work. We sell springs directly to the consumer at the best possible price. We sell quality parts at less than retail store prices. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers and consistently provide excellent customer service. We also have Torquemaster spring systems and EZ-Set spring systems and can install both. Call us to learn more about our current special, which is $40 off spring repair. Our technicians provide quality workmanship and top notch replacement parts at the best possible prices in Garland.

Garage Doors Openers Systems

Where can I get garage door openers replaced in Garland? Right here from us of course!

Garage Door Openers Replacement Company - Garland TX

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When it comes to garage door openers in Garland, there is no other garage door company that can beat us. We offer garage door openers and replacement parts for sale and provide routine maintenance and repair services. When your garage door opener suddenly stops working, you can call us for around the clock repair. When your garage door won't go up or down or there is a beeping sound or a flashing light, it is time to call for an experienced garage door technician.

We sell and service the leading brands, such as Marantec, Linear, Genie and Liftmaster as well as those sold by chain stores, such as the Sears Craftsman garage door openers. You can count on us for remotes, programming remotes, logic boards, control boards, gear kits, gear sprockets, bearings, belts and chains. When you call us for garage door opener repairs, you get same day service without a service call fee. We also offer openers and repairs at the best prices in town.

Garage Door Openers Garland TX - We Deliver!

If you are in the market for a garage door opener, our technicians will help you choose the one that best suits your needs. Garage door openers have different horsepower, and it is imperative to get the right horsepower for your door and needs. A larger, heavier door will require more horsepower than a smaller, lightweight door. We also take the time to explain the differences in garage door openers so you choose the right brand for your needs. We also offer accessories for your garage door opener, such as keychain remotes.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

You can also count on us to provide routine maintenance for your garage door opener. By scheduling regular maintenance visits, you will save money in the long run. Maintenance can often catch problems early and prevent further damage and more expensive repairs. During maintenance, the entire garage door opener is thoroughly inspected and parts are lubricated to ensure that they are operating freely and properly. We can also install battery backup and we sell replacement batteries. We are currently offering $55 off on garage door openers.

Garage Door Parts Discounts

Where can I get garage door springs replaced in Garland? Right here from us of course!

Garage Door Parts in Garland

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Besides offering garage door service and repairs, we offer a full inventory of garage door parts for sale directly to the public. If it is a replaceable part for your garage door, you can count on us to have it in stock for fast access. We know that when you have a garage door issue, time is of the essence. By having parts readily available, you can get what you need right when you need it so you can get the problem corrected more quickly. By selling the parts ourselves, we are also taking out the middle man and saving you money.

What kinds of parts do we have available? We have extension springs, torsion springs, one-piece springs, cones, winding bars, cables, belts, drums, hinges, rollers, brackets, screws, bearings, garage door lube, weather seal, garage door sections, short panels, long panels, Marantec remotes, Liftmaster parts, logic boards for garage door openers, receivers for Marantec and Liftmaster garage door openers, keychain remotes, garage door verticals, gear sprocket assemblies for Liftmaster, Genie gear and limit switch, bearing plates, center bearings, end bearings, spring bars and tubes, center brackets, bearing centers for torsion springs, punched engels, garage door struts, bottom and top brackets, front pulleys and operational reinforcement brackets.

Jim brackets, Emergency Locks, and More

We also have Jim brackets, emergency locks, slide locks for commercial and residential doors, opener carriage, silicon based lube blaster, Dura Glide, WD-40, Genie garage door openers, Marantec garage door openers, couplers, inner sliders for Liftmaster and Genie garage door openers, nylon rollers, universal remotes, screws and accessories for garage doors and garage door openers. With our parts, you can fix any problem with your garage door. If you want our technicians to handle the job, they have fast access to the parts and hardware that they need to complete the job.

24/7 Emergency Service

We offer 24/7 emergency service, so the problem can be fixed any time of the day or night. Our technicians are always on time and never tack on a service charge. When you call us, you get the parts you need fast and affordable. No other garage door repair company can provide the results that we do. Our team takes pride in being the leader in the garage door industry in Garland. No other team can even come close to matching our prices or quality of parts. When you buy parts from us, you get the best replacement parts available.

Garage Doors Types

Our technicians are experienced in all aspects of garage doors

Garage Doors in Garland TX

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Selecting a garage door can be an overwhelming experience. Our technicians are experienced in all aspects of garage doors, so they can provide you with enough information so you can make an informed, educated decision. We want you to select a garage door that meets your needs so you will have a garage door that will serve you well for years to come. Our goal is for you to have a garage door that you are satisfied with and that doesn't result in you spending extra cash for its upkeep or repairs.

Select the right garage door for your house

The first step in selecting a garage door is choosing the right material. Each material is very different, and a standard garage door is not the best choice for everyone. You need to choose a garage door that is more suited toward your needs and how the door will be used. A door that bends easily is not the best choice for a trucking company or a warehouse. A thin door that lets in cold air is not optimal for a facility that has a real need for climate control. There are many options out there for garage doors.

Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are a traditional choice. These doors can be attractive and are sturdy. However, dampness and water damage the wood and cause it to expand. Expanding wood causes cracking and severe damage. The end result is the need to replace sections or possibly replace the entire garage door. Garland is in an area that is humid in summer and damp in the winter. Therefore, a wood garage door would not be recommended. Study the options before choosing a wood garage door for your needs.

Standard or Aluminum Garage Doors

Standard or aluminum garage doors are the most popular choice and work well for standard, day to day use. Aluminum is lightweight, yet sturdy. These doors work great in residential situations. However, if the door is going to be subjected to frequent hits or bangs, you need to remember that aluminum bends more easily than other metals. In those situations, you may want to choose a door that is made of a stronger material. Aluminum is not the best choice in many commercial situations.

Insulated garage doors are excellent choices for climate control

These doors help maintain the interior temperature and reduce utility bills. Insulated garage doors are available for both residential and commercial situations. These doors are made by a variety of manufacturers and come in different price ranges. When it comes to insulated garage doors, there are many features and options available to suit the needs of different clients.

Steel Back Garage Doors

Steel back garage doors are heavy duty doors. Steel is of course a very strong metal. These doors are heavy and can withstand frequent hits and bangs. In situations where the door may be subject to mistreatment, such as at a trucking depot or distribution center, a steel back door may be the best choice. Steel back doors can handle rougher treatment than the standard aluminum door, so there are certain situations where this particular kind of door may serve you better. You need to consider how many times a day that the garage door will open and close. Look at the climate. Consider the main use and function of the door. Look at the design and style. Do you want windows in the door? Do you just need something basic? Are you wanting something unique and different? How long do you expect your door to last? Are you going to stick to the proper maintenance routine? What do you expect in a garage door? All of these things are important in choosing the door that is best for you.

Many Garage Doors Brands

We also offer garage doors from several of the leading manufacturers, such as Raynor, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, Amarr and Windsor. Garage doors are also available in a number of styles and designs. Custom made garage doors are also available. When you choose a custom made garage door, you have free reign over the material, design and style. You can incorporate windows or combine design features to meet your specifications. We will gladly help you with the process and order your custom made garage door for you.

Garage Door Maintenance Services

Garage door maintenance is important in maintaining the safety and performance of your garage door

Garland TX Garage Door Maintenance

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Regardless of the kind of garage door or whether it is in a residential or a commercial setting, it needs to have maintenance visits scheduled twice each year. These visits ensure that all the parts are in good condition and working optimally. Subjecting your garage door to routine maintenance can also save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Maintenance is also a time saver and stress reducer, often reducing the likelihood of an unexpected failure or major repair. During a maintenance visit, the parts of the garage door are thoroughly inspected. A wipe is used to remove any debris, such as dirt and rust. A lubricant used to help the parts move more freely. Every part, except plastic parts, need to be treated with lube, otherwise they will dry out and not work properly. This inspection also enables the technician to look for signs of damage or excessive wear and tear. As an example, if he sees damage to a spring or a hinge, you can replace it before it breaks. A part breaking can cause injury or damage. We work to prevent those unexpected surprises that you hate to get. Our goal is to help you keep your garage door working safely and smoothly.

Hinges Maintenance

The visit includes hinges maintenance, springs maintenance, rollers maintenance and more. Technicians are trained in garage door care, so they have an eye for detail and can catch problems that most people won't notice. Maintenance is not time consuming, and can make a big difference in your garage door's performance. A garage door should be considered an investment, and when properly cared for, it can last for years and years. Our goal is to ensure you get the longest life possible from your garage door. When you count on us, you get the best possible results no matter what the job. We make sure your garage door is working at its best. We are the garage door leaders in Garland.

We understand that your time is valuable

We are also available long hours for your added convenience. Our technicians will gladly set the maintenance visit to accommodate your schedule, which most garage door companies will not do. We understand that your time is valuable, and we work to limit the inconvenience. Remember, we never charge a service call fee, so we strive to make garage door service affordable. For more than a decade we have consistently provided high quality results to customers in the Garland area. We excel in every aspect of garage door service and care. You will be completely satisfied with the results.

So whether you are buying your first garage door or selecting a replacement door, you should call on the full service garage door company in Garland that can help you every step of the way. Offering fast, friendly same day service for repairs, you can rest assured that your garage door won't be experiencing problems for long. We understand the importance of customer service and customer satisfaction. We can't be beat when it comes to garage doors in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Our team proudly serves Garland and all of the surrounding communities. Call us for a free estimate today, you will be glad that you did. We make taking care of your garage door a completely different experience.

Facts About Garland TX

Garland is well known for several things

Garland TX

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. It is the home of Resistol Hats, which makes premium hats that are worn by notable people all around the globe. The leading employers in the city are Raytheon E-Systems, Navistar International, Wal-Mart SuperCenters, U.S. Foodservice, Danaher, Atlas Copco, L-3 Communications and Home Depot. The Garland Independent School District has about 55,000 students. There is also a private school option, Garland Christian Academy.

There are also higher learning options in Garland, including Richland College and Amberton University. The city is well known because former Garland resident Mike Judge who created the popular animated TV series, King of the Hill, who used elements of the city as an inspiration for the fictional town of Arlen where the show is set. Famous residents of Garland include Crystal Bernard, actress; LeAnn Rimes, country music singer; Dean Sams, musician; Amber Dotson, singer; and Gene Summers, of rockabilly fame. Several other celebrities have also called Garland their home.

Professional athletes

Several professional athletes have called Garland home at one time or another. Some television shows, including episodes of Prison Break and Walker, Texas Ranger, were filmed in the city. With a land area of 57.1 square miles, the growing city is continuously welcoming new residents and new industries. The city also has one of the lowest poverty rates in the entire United States, which is very noteworthy. It is a city that is known far and wide for its industries, products and residents. Garland is a premier location in the United States. Known far and wide, Garland is an asset to the country.

We serve Garland and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

Including Grand Prarie, Mesquite, Irving, Richardson, Carrollton, Denton and other surrounding cities. As a local company, we are familiar with the Garland area. Garland is in a subtropical climate, which is prone to humid, hot summers and mild, damp winters. A large city that is located just to the northeast of Dallas, it is the 87th most populous city in the nation. It has a population of about 230,000 people, and has twice been ranked in the "Top 100 Places to Live" as published by CNN and Money magazine.